Work is now well underway on a long narrow front garden in Edinburgh.(now complete : )


Long narrow front garden design Edinburgh


        Due to the plot dimensions and the fact it is a front garden, daily access for the client is a key aspect of this construction. This garden is therefore being constructed in two stages …everything except the path initially… then the path area when the client is away on holiday…..


landscape construction long narrow front garden edinburgh


systemic garden design and construction Edinburgh


     keeping awareness of the whole space is important in undertaking construction this way,main path remains clean and clear and a lot more of the structure work has been completed than it looks!


garden design long narrow front garden edinburgh


          After the first 5 weeks of keeping the path clean and clear and building the new garden around it, the client went away for 3 weeks on holiday.At this point the path came up and full blown construction commenced.


         Most of the the main hard landscape features have been kept back from being finished to create an amazing transformation for the clients return….unfortunately this was to prove optimistic in pursuit of a “groundforce” moment! The practicality of keeping the path access to house open throughout the project, did prove successful – which is more important.


thermocromex lime render garden wall edinburgh


The wall seating designed to create a courtyard feel to an otherwise open front garden, is getting a lime based render called Thermocromex. Although difficult to use it has the properties and look of a traditional lime render but takes half the time and is tougher as a finish in many respects.


lime render thermocromex stone wall  seat edinburgh


      The enclosed seating area situated just metres from the main pavement is starting to come together….


front garden design Edinburgh natural paving


The lime rendered wall seat is almost complete as is the sandstone paving and larch fencing. At this stage the client returns from their holiday hoping to see a finished garden just needing to be planted… it will be another 3 weeks.


           Not 3 weeks flat out like the previous 3 weeks ( and sit down…phew) but 3 weeks bringing all the finishes and details together, planting up and installing lighting etc.


front garden design edinburgh natural materials


It is funny how when you design a garden to look and feel bigger, it seems to also get bigger. It didn’t seem so much work at the beginning….


   One important finish is turning the curved wall seat into an actual seat, using long lasting larch timber sourced locally from a sustainable sawmill. larch has intrinsic qualities that make it ideal for garden construction … natural oils and beautiful grain/ tone being some of them…


curved wall seat front garden design Edinburgh


The wall seat has been built off-vertical on purpose to make for a comfortable sitting position. Having had a sit down after this photo, for me it works great.


front garden design Edinburgh landscaping long narrow garden


  The project took 13 weeks to complete, 3 weeks more than the 10 weeks expected at the start of the project. Unlike tram projects however this overrun didn’t add any additional costs. At no stage was access to and from the house  anything other than a paved path. Also at no stage were any skips used. Everything has been re-used, reduced or recycled – one fine example being the original entrance archway ( look at first photos) this now has a life in West Lothian….see below.


recycled garden design Edinburgh


recycled wood garden design Edinburgh


Plants are in, the weeping birch tree planted (now hibernating through winter putting down good healthy roots ready for spring).


          It is the perfect time to bring some colour and interest with your garden lighting….


garden lighting design Edinburgh front garden landscape


    The long narrow front garden project is complete and day one of a new garden space has begun.


        It has taken a few weeks more than expected,good things done well are worth that little extra, client is happy.


testimonial garden design Edinburgh


garden design Edinburgh testimonial