I was asked at the beginning of 2014 to do designs for a number of gardens, 6 designs arriving around the same time in January was a first and has led to a very busy year, especially as I had decided to spend 2 days in the week raising our new daughter.


                one of the gardens I produced a design for was a small back garden in a lovely new development off Inverleith Row Edinburgh.


small garden design Edinburgh before


 This garden space is a rather damp classic new build plot of land, badly turfed and practical paving to a gate etc. 


       My client who was a previous client 10 years previously wanted a far more interesting space for herself, her son and her dog. It was to be a sociable space with grass and somewhere to grow herbs/ veg etc.


         We try to utilise what is existing in the garden as part of the new garden, and have become very effective at doing this. A design was created and a plan hatched to re-use the paving in a more interesting way and turn the old turf into veg food etc.


The garden space is not only small but long and narrow, as well as flat ( which doesn’t aid interest).With an agreed design however work commences on the new garden.


small garden design construction edinburgh


The shapes are marked out to ensure design meets reality and then works begin in earnest…


The design is translating better than this photo which has refused to rotate… so moving on to the next stage!


The construction of the raised beds has begun as has the re-shaping of the straight paved path showen in the first photo. This is the existing paving re-used ( saving a nice slice of budget for other features).


small garden design construction edinburgh


Cutting and shaping the paved path in this way is not only cost effective it is also quickly bringing interest and a feeling of a larger space to the garden. It has also created 4 new individual spaces that can be developed further to bring further use into the garden.


Thermocromex a lime based monocouche render has been used here with a colour match to tie with the modern house style.


thermocromex design garden wall edinburgh


Thermocromex is difficult to use but it has a very attractive and warm feel to it’s finish and works well with natural materials and plants, compared to concrete renders. 


 It also stains so paving removed well out of way whilst we do the rendering.


As work nears completion in this small garden and the old turf is removed to create a good free draining soil base for the raised beds ( sustaianable re-use at any oppertunity!) A quick look at the garden at the beginning looking towards the house and….


small garden design before photo edinburgh


Now the finished garden from the same perspective….

contemporary small garden space design edinburgh


 Access around the garden remains practical, a large rich soiled raised bed in three levels is ready for growing domestic crops ( and the odd weed easily removed whilst holding drink and sitting down).


a natural lawn and an artificial lawn in the shaded corner gives the dog choices and the client 50% sanity, as well as numerous socialising locations either beside the kitchen on the main patio or gathered around a small fire in the shady corner.


The garden space remains small but it feels and looks so much bigger. No material left the site, materials only came in.


 can you see the solar lighting on show there’s a few!


The garden was designed and constructed for a moderate budget and has seen some good use already in it’s first summer. Below is the finished photo looking from the house as shown before works started at the beginning of this blog entry.


modern garden design small garden edinburgh




before photo small garen design edinburgh