June 2012  – The Garden design at Redhall is settling in nicely now with all bare root fruit trees in full leaf and 95% of other plants looking very healthy ( one variety of cornus is looking unhappy with its lot)


summer sitting in new forest garden


Work is also beginning on lime rendering the garden shelter which has already had it’s shape created out of blockwork and bricks found under soil during excavation / cultivation.


A special mix ratio is required for the first dubbing coat inorder to get subsequent lime render coats to adhere effectively to the dense concrete blocks. After this it is slightly messy but satisfying work ( 5 days between coats so end of June before it’s ready – for limewash……more days….. worth it though)


lime rendered garden shelter edinburgh

End of June – Work is well underway on a bespoke garden shelter which will be lime rendered and with a living wildflower roof … eventually.


There is 5 days plus between lime coats and then limewashing…. the perrennial wildflower roof takes a good year plus to establish. This is all in keeping with the ethos of this Edinburgh garden design which began in January this year as a former car park and garages, and has been set on the design track of forest gardening…..which takes years to develop effectively.


lime render garden shelter

Meantime as we wait……… with the newly planted leeks growing up fast…. it’s all looking pretty good already ( now its paused with the raining)


first crop forest garden


Work on the garden shelter for this Edinburgh Eco house is well underway now – The block work and subsequant three coats of lime render are as good as complete( despite worst summer in memory)


block work for lime render


lime work complete for rustic garden shelter edinburgh


The effect being sought is a naturalised earthy feel of Cob building construction, the wooden uprights will soon hold a sloping flat roof planted with a green roof wildflower seed mix. The plan is for an attractive garden shelter from rain or sunshine.( indeed both at same time often – along with wind, snow, hail….)