Work began on a steeply terraced back garden in Stockbridge.Everything had to go through the house, which was a first floor flat…..and back down….and up again. Exactly same for everything coming out! which with well crafted sustainable methods ( re-use, up-cycling,re-duce etc) – was very little.


stockbridge garden design work


After clearing plants and completely restoring walls steps with lime render and slate, along with a secret woodland seating area things had change a great deal…




A Blacksmith does the railings, winter unpicks some render requiring some repair work – lime render is great as it can be successfully repaired without being redone – unlikecement renders…


stockbridge lime rendered walls garden


Further touches have been required , all done without any damage to new planting and surrounds, takes time but worth it – and how Stone Wood Water Light operates.


back garden stockbridge edinburgh


terraced back garden stockbridge edinburgh


secret garden seating areas Edinburgh