Dear Dug


On the occasion of enjoying a sunny day in our wonderful garden we


thought we’d write you a quick thank-you email. 


We really absolutely love


the garden.  Our highlights are the “parent-deterrent” monkey bars; the green


roof for the Wendy house; the polished stones; but most impressively the big


round steps from the house (when everyone else we spoke to suggested decking),


which everybody is in awe of!  You really listened to what we wanted, went away


to think about it, and came back with a brilliant design!


Your re-use


philosophy chimes with our own thinking. Also, we had dreaded the actual work


taking place, but to our great surprise it turned out to be sheer joy!




new garden has had a profound effect on our home life: everyone suddenly wants


to spend lots of time in the garden!  The children love the little features you


designed in for them: the dens, monkey bars, the “secret path” behind the tree,


….  This had meant we have been more active than before.  All of us have


discovered the joys of outdoor dining, although our tendency towards eating in


the garden is now so strong that we had to run for emergency shelter from the


elements more than once.  The washing line works a treat.  And we now feel like


we can invite the kids’ friends to come round and play in our new garden without


being embarrassed!  


In a small but enthusiastic way, we have all become


gardeners. We have enjoyed our first home-grown fruit and veg, and our latest


achievement is a tiny pond (actually a washing-up bowl) that a frog moved




sustainable ecological garden design construction Edinburgh Scotland Glasgow
Bea’s frog pond


Finally, it has been a tough year for us in other ways and the new


garden has helped to balance that out.  Thank you from us all.  Your garden has


somehow made us feel that the weather has been good this summer. The only


downside is that Ana has found weeding therapeutic and can spend many a happy 15


minutes being distracted by it when she should be doing something more




A, B, G and J.


Garden Before
sustainable ecological landscape garden design construction Edinburgh Scotland Glasgow

After Photos
Sustainable ecological garden design landscape construction Edinburgh Scotland Glasgow

A garden that has changed how the clients Live!

Modern Contemporary sustainable landscape garden construction Edinburgh Scotland Glasgow