Craigielaw, East Lothian.

Patio Redesign For Entertaining

Story –

An existing sunken patio was in need of redesign to become more appealing and somewhere the client would actually use. There were grand plans for a pizza oven and visions of a lot of outdoor entertaining. East Lothian can get a lot of great sunny days, but also a lot of windy days and it can whistle through Craiglielaw which is surrounded by links golf courses.

A redesign was put together that involved a larch deck to improve access to and past the sunken patio, as well as to create a bold and contemporary design feel to the space. It was also to help soften and enclose the space. On the otherside an ambitious plan for a Venetian styled windbreak, constructed from joists of larch shaped into aerofoils. the layout would curve around the patio designed to create a solid barrier to the prevailing wind whilst sitting on the patio and allow open views of the garden when viewed from the kitchen.

The existing beds were reinvigorated and planted up with bolder mixes of ornamental grasses and naturalised planting to add interest and movement as well as accent the coastal feel of the location. The pizza oven ( weighing a ton) was constructed onto a bespoke base and preparation areas built from stone/polished granite. This feature completed the space and has all matured well with some amazingly tasty pizzas cooked in around a minute as well as whole roasts ( I heard Christmas day involved the oven and some outdoor eating that year). The windbreak works better than hoped except when the wind comes from the opposite direction….it’s sometimes good to eat indoors now and again!