An Edinburgh coastal garden plot of previously steep and rugged overgrown ground, has been transformed into a Mediterranean style garden trail between house at sea level and a main road at the top.

Granite cobbled steps have been engineered into the snaking hillside and two small ‘lay-by’ patios constructed at strategic ‘rest points’ along the ascent to the top.

A third the way up, after a self bound grit path meanders through a rock and rendered gorge, is a cobbled terrace with old shed, this leads to the start of the steep curving granite steps. Great views across the Firth of Forth can be found at various points on the journey to the top gate. Planting is comprised of gnarled pines; Polygonums; broom; Euphorbia; Italian cypress; lavender;Artemesia and even olive and fig trees are thriving in a challenging space.

The previously wild hillside is still wild at heart and will endeavour to return to it’s original state with it’s wild roots criss crossing deep down in the soil and willow herb towering next door every Autumn on neighbouring lands, hiding the brambles; creeping buttercup; nettles and bindweed lurking beneath.

The planting and construction has been designed to take this very fact into account and create a robust and interesting landscape no matter what….and the views across the Forth remains, amongst all the change!