Houston farm cottage, West Lothian

Sustainable  Country Garden Design

Story –┬áThis garden project involved creating a large patio area in front of the cottage and a shallow wildlife pond that would be safe for dogs etc. The project was to bring together the large garden into one usable and coherent space, as well as sustainable and cost effective.

The patio area was constructed using slate paving forming a very large patio and a smaller satellite patio. These were connected using old cobbles set in concrete to form paths. The area was levelled and the front area extended with the dig off used to create a wildflower meadow. Kitchen garden style planting made up the other bed areas to create a very soft, natural and useable outdoor space. At the bootom of the garden construction took place for a wildlife pond in an area that naturally flooded.

A suitable liner and membrane was used to ensure water year round, this pond also had an in/out flow to keep it fresh without the need for pumps/filters. Roof run-off from the cottage was utilised and directed down the side of the garden in a channel built as a stream that flows into the pond, this overflows into a naturally boggy area beside the farm drainage trench otherside of the property. This system avoids the introduction of chlorine found in the tap water and any use of power. In two years the pond being shallow has gone low but never dry which is good for the frogs and newts which have made a base there.

The garden has matured quickly and looks very settled in attractive and interesting whatever the season.