Larkfield garden Flat, Edinburgh.

Small Modern Sustainable City Garden.

Story –

This garden project looked to achieve a lot in a small space. The existing paving was sought to be re-used but in a more interesting method and was re-cut from being a path up the side, to being a s-curving path through the middle. This bisects two lawns, one lawn real grass and the even shadier lawn …artificial.

Along the left side of the main path is a series of three raised beds created out of blocks and lime render monocouche to match modern terraced house. The rendered wall is coped with larch to soften feel and provide informal seating and increase size of social space.

Another curved casual bench wraps around the far side of the artificial lawn creating an sort of campfire feel to the end of the garden, which is why a suitable base was installed to allow a small campfire. A real lawn was retained although conditions were a little against it ( shade, dog, kids….rain…etc) because it changes and does deteriote etc and that is important in it becoming a garden rather than a display.

A selection of small trees and shrubs was chosen for a mixture of seasonal interest and to be soft and informal. The veg beds were open for change.