Milton Rd, Edinburgh

Large Traditional City Garden

Story – This Edinburgh garden was a really good mature garden, well loved and well used. It was a little tired around the edges and also too much to maintain week by week. The client wanted to keep the overall essence of the garden whilst adding a fresh feel to it, improve the veg area, have a large deck area straight out from the house and a wildlife pond.

The design focuses on the old family favourite mature apple tree ( likely climbed a thousand times+) the original lawn was sharpened up with a large circular mow strip of old Edinburgh cobbles. From this the rest of the garden wraps around  – A large larch deck allows straight out level access from the sunroom, at the far end is a rock pool with hidden caves built in etc  to give the wildlife that makes a home there half a chance against marauding Herons.

Three large a and high sleeper veg beds curve around the lawn near the spruced up greenhouse and a selection of fresh evergreen shrubs such as choisya, viburnum and phyllostachys Vivax add a modern compliment to the beautiful existing mature planting.

The garden feels the same with a fresh feel about it and crisper defined areas that should be easier to retain that way, which is what the client hoped for. The rock pool pond came out better than hoped and should mature beautifully and provide a variety of homes…..all in clear view of the sunroom and deck.