Story – This Edinburgh garden project is a re-design of a traditional walled back garden. All materials will need to go through the house, so the client likes our no need for skips/ minimal removal of what already exists.

The client wanted a lovely garden summerhouse to provide a great spot to enjoy the garden from and occasional sunshine etc. They are also keen and skilled gardeners but also wishing to reduce their work rate, so removing the greenhouse along with the old shed etc ( the greenhouse has been re-worked into two lean-to greenhouses at other locations…

Along the end high wall is a mature line of Beech trees and the area underneath has suffered from shade over recent years, great interest was requested for this area. The client wished to keep their lawn and also have the area around the kitchen and bedroom access paved with an area to sit in the sun when it hits the location.

The overall design consists of interconnecting paths and patios that link through from the lawn area with cedar clad summerhouse also located just off the lawn. An area towards the back of the garden has been set aside for a 3 section compost bin and very large leaf mould cage for the thousands of beech leaves etc.

The same area also has a network of paths connecting with a tucked away raised woodland patio surrounded by acer trees and other shade liking shrubs. overall the planting has been turned more towards shrubs than herbaceous to keep year round interest and also reduce weekly work requirements. All areas however also have space for existing herbaceous planting and new introductions along the way… satisfy the ongoing love of gardening.