Garden Designer/Project Manager

My name is Dugal  MacLeod MSc Enviro. d.m.  I created Stone Wood Water Light in 1998 after working several years for an established Edinburgh landscape  designer/contractor. I experienced the creation of a lot of great gardens, along with a lot of unnecessary waste in the design and construction processes.

When I Subsequently started up my own garden design and construction business, it began in 1998 with a ‘New from Old’ ethos. This basically involves working with what already exists in the garden before introducing anything new. Since that time I have continued developing my design and build skills along with my awareness, to better enable the creation of ever more sustainable and desirable garden spaces for all. Whether that is our clients or indeed the surrounding wildlife.

Acquiring a Masters in Environmental Decision Making has played an important role in this whole process. We remain small, multi-skilled and increasingly sustainable in our approach to designing and building distinctive garden landscapes, that flourish.

With Stone Wood Water Light, who designs your garden project will also be directly involved in constructing it ….and then planting it.

This hands-on approach from start to finish allows the garden projects to be flexible, cohesive and sustainable,  which all together means cost effective.

Please do contact me: Mob 07881 426 182