garden design Edinburgh

Garden Design

Concept to completion

All the gardens featured on this website have been designed by us. We work very closely with our client to create the most suitable design we can for their garden space. Every good garden designer has their trademark style that will weave its way through all the designs, a good designer also has the ability to recognise and incorporate this into each and every individual design in a way that suits their client.

If you like how the gardens look on this website there is strong likelihood that you will like how your own garden design will look and it is certainly worth calling to arrange a free initial discussion.

Garden Construction

Sustainable Approach

We are a complete design and build outfit. We also work with other craftsmen whose work we know will add to the overall completed project. Since 1998 Stone Wood Water light has successfully designed, constructed and completed hundreds of garden projects, in many locations throughout Scotland.

We have won many awards along the way and been featured in numerous national publications, as well as featuring over several years as garden designer for television’s ¬†Beechgrove Garden community garden projects.


Planting Design

seasonal and natural

Once the hard landscaping and soil work is complete, we can begin the soft landscaping or planting of the new garden space.

A plant budget is always agreed before any plant works undertaken, the option to alter the budget can be made at any stage of works, as the garden evolves.

Throughout the construction and soil work stages, on-going discussions will take place with the client based on the increasing knowledge of what the natural state of the garden is actually like. The initial planting design established at the start of works can then evolve as both client and contractor’s appreciation of the new space also evolves.


Lighting Design

simple or ellaborate

We have designed many garden lighting systems over the years as lighting can bring a whole new dimension to the garden space. The potential is almost unlimited, especially with the great progress being made by LED  technology and their outdoor suitability and low energy consumption.

Mood lighting along with practical outdoor lighting can be a real benefit to a garden space and is certainly something worth considering at the start of any garden project.